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September 24, 2007

The Real News

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The Real News is a new attempt at a completely independent news service.  Independent in the sense that it is free  from the economics of advertising, government and corporate sponsorship.  The economic model is essential to independence.  There are many good people in the traditional media, but unfortunately the people that own the companies pick the people to run the news desks.  There has been more of a media consolidation recently.  In some respects, this has been fueled by the Internet.  On the other hand, projects like the real news have the potential to completely decimate the old power structure and lead to a more democratic society.  One based fundamentally on better information.

Below is an interview with CEO and founder Paul Jay.

People like Paul Jay are one of the reasons why I find history more interesting than fiction.  People like moan about the media, and here is someone actually trying to do something about it.  I’m not an idealist, and the real news is going to face hurdles, however the world is no better a place than what we make it.

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